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Do you have a cardiac condition?
Your journey begins here...

Your Mind is Your Heart's Best Friend

Being diagnosed with a cardiac condition can be frightening.
It doesn't have to be.

There is a lot you can do to take control of your condition, which could include the management of anxiety, depression, and stress. Heart surgery patients often experience depression, memory loss or cognitive deficits in the weeks immediately following their surgery. Having a supportive professional to walk through the process with you can be a tremendous help.

Know Yourself

The way you react and adjust to your diagnosis and treatment plays a major role in the effectiveness of that treatment. The better you understand yourself, your lifestyle, and your behaviors, the easier it becomes to motivate yourself in positive directions, and to do the things that will give you the best opportunity for good health.

Help Yourself

Wellness is work. Being successful means taking the right steps and making good choices. Through our program you'll gain the knowledge and solutions you need to change your lifestyle. You can move away from habits and behaviors that compromise your well being.

Heal Yourself

With the proper tools, you can deal positively with feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression that often accompany any serious medical diagnosis. You'll learn about coping skills and how to manage career, social and other pressures. We'll help you include the people in your life as vital partners on your path to wellness.

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David Murphy, Ph.D cardiac psychologist
Dave Murphy, Ph.D.
is a clinical
psychologist specializing in behavioral medicine, with an emphasis on cardiac care.

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As a cardiac psychologist, I work with people coping with heart conditions. I want to help you maximize the excellent medical care your physicians and support team are providing by assisting and encouraging you to become proactive in your personal healing process, and in finding a path to wellness that best suits your individual needs.

Together we'll assess your needs and identify paths by which you can live more actively and productively.



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